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About Us

The Bible Fortcast offers fresh perspectives on ancient scriptures, modern faith, and today's culture helping you connect better with God, yourself, and others.

Jeremy Fort
I love talking to people deepening our understanding of what it means to be human in a messy world. I am endlessly fascinated with Hebrew scriptures and love to pique people's curiosity about The Bible.

My greatest passion is to help people understand the ancient scriptures and how they lead to the story of Jesus. I have served as the Pastor of Valley Christian Church in Twin Falls, Idaho for the latest decade and am pursuing my Master's degree in Biblical Studies from Redemption Seminary. I am an Associate Scholar in the Hebraic Context of the Bible Program at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.

In addition to serving on the Valley Christian Church board, I also served four years as a board member of Discovering MErcy, a global non-profit group offering hope, healing, and education to adult survivors of childhood trauma.

Listen to my weekly messages from Valley Christian Church.

Kara Fort

I love talking to people and learning how they connect with Jesus and how they experience His presence, whether it's through prayer, a song, or being in nature.

My greatest passion is to help people understand themselves better so they can both live and suffer well in the beautiful and precious life God created for them.

I am a writer and musician that has been kicked out of ballet, Girl Scouts, an Aerosmith concert, college, and yes, The White House and Scotland Yard! Simply put, I love a good story, even if it makes your voice tremble or you laugh so hard you can barely get through it.

I love to serve my community to see lives transformed. I have served for four years as a board member of 
Discovering MErcy, a global non-profit group helping adult survivors of childhood trauma rebuild their lives, and I currently consult with United Way of South Central Idaho to improve the education, health, and financial stability of our local community.

Listen to my story (24:33 on video) of when God became real for me--just don't forget the tissues! 

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