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Unsure where to begin, begin here!

When my oldest daughter was 8 we purchased a shirt for her that said, "A+ in Talking!" That shirt was evidence of a genetic pattern that follows from my side of the family. We are talkers, the Forts. Gifted with gab that will consume as much time as you will give. I pity those high in agreeableness as they patiently and kindly wait for us to stop.

But writing, that is another issue altogether. I spent the last 15 years writing as a profession. Nothing published or even public. I have been a technologist since I was 11 years old, and in my mid thirties I found myself working as a Solution Architect, writing technology proposals to win government contracts. I have produced thousands and thousands of pages of material. It was never a passion, technical writing, but it paid the bills.

Recently I decided to pursue my M.A. in Biblical Studies. I discovered that I love writing about theological, language, spiritual, and all topics that relate to God and Jesus. I also discovered that I have many things I would like to write about. So, I started keeping a list of blog topics about two years ago. As of Spring 2023, that list has more than 150 topics. Some are rants others are raves. A few are in the weeds, others are curiosities.

This is where you will find what I write. The format is straightforward. If it is a short article, you should be able to consume it in 2-3 minutes. If it is detailed and lengthy, I will provide a summary to skim before you dive into the material. The goal is to make things easy to find and not waste your time. And, I am interested in your thoughts. I will respond to comments as I can.

Blessings to you and yours!

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